Our Mission

Canine Presence was conceived from our desire to provide community therapeutic services that encourage the professionalism and benefits of Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) and Canine Therapy Education. A key component to our community outreach is the joy of sound healing, “Music Medicine” interactive programs. Music can affect ones health, wellness, and healing, providing a stimulus for relaxation, a reduction of stress, and an increase in hope…Mind, Body, and Soul.

“As professional pet assisted therapy facilitators, we are passionate in the belief of the therapeutic relationship between the human/canine-companion bond. Our community Outreach is dedicated to any individual who might not otherwise have access to PAT services. A key component is the commitment to the local community; focused on those in need of PAT services at the locations where those in need are.” – Bruce and Gale Cummings

Canine Therapy

What is Canine Therapy? It’s about natural healing through something wonderful: the Canine-Human bond. Learn more.

Music Therapy

Music affects your health and well-being. It can soothe the mind, body, and soul. Learn more.

Partnerships & Associations

HMEA (Horace Mann Educational Associates): Day Rehabilitation community programs that promote independent living, relationship building, as well as social and communication skills.

Morton Hospital (A Steward Family Hospital): Elder Behavioral Unite supports persons with Alzheimer, Dementia, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders

Windwalker Professional Pet Assisted Therapy is made up of professionals, Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) facilitators, and students dedicated to pet-assisted therapy.