Our Mission

Canine Presence was conceived from our desire to provide community therapeutic services that encourage the professionalism and benefits of Professional Pet Assisted Therapy (PPAT) and canine therapy education. Canine Presence 2017/2020 community programs with HMEA (Horace Mann Educational Associates) and Morton Hospital, a Steward Family Hospital.

“As professional pet assisted therapy facilitators, we are passionate in the belief of the therapeutic relationship between the human/canine-companion bond. Our community Outreach is dedicated to any individual who might not otherwise have access to PAT services. A key component is the commitment to the local community; focused on those in need of PAT services at the locations where those in need are.” – Bruce and Gale Cummings

Canine Therapy

What is Canine Therapy? It’s about natural healing through something wonderful: the Canine-Human bond. Learn more.

Music Therapy

Music affects your health and well-being. It can soothe the mind, body, and soul. Learn more.

Partnerships & Associations

HMEA (Horace Mann Educational Associates): Day Rehabilitation community programs that promote independent living, relationship building, as well as social and communication skills.

Morton Hospital (A Steward Family Hospital): Elder Behavioral Unite supports persons with Alzheimer, Dementia, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders

Windwalker Professional Pet Assisted Therapy is made up of professionals, Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) facilitators, and students dedicated to pet-assisted therapy.